Design Framework for Multimodal Reading Experience in Cross-Platform Computing Devices - Focus on a Digital Bible

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KANG, Minjeong; EUNE, Juhyun

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Department of Industrial Design, DRS
DRS 2012 Bangkok, pp. 815-837
복합학Cross-platformMultimodalityCoherenceCloud Computing
With the emergence of cloud computing, a diverse range of content can be read across platforms. Here, we extend our previous research (Kang and Eune 2011), where we proposed three aspects to reinforce seamless reading across different platforms: coherence, immersion, and multimodality. The reading process is classified as pre-reading, during the reading, and post-reading, where each step requires different goals, functions, and types of reading. An appropriate platform among smart phones, Tablet PCs, and PCsis chosen to play a main role at each step. In this research, we verify the design framework of our previous study by analyzing a digital Bible, Youversion, across platforms. In a comparison of the digital Bible and a digital newspaper,which wasthe case from the previous research, we find common characteristics of multimodalreading in each platform. This research contributes to finding a brand new content market for the cloud eco-system while offering a way to enjoy the contentwith an enhanced sense of immersion when analog and digital content types are brought together in a cross-platform environment.
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