Three-dimensional analysis of tooth movement after intrusion of a supraerupted molar using a mini-implant with partial-fixed orthodontic appliances

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Lee, Shin-Jae; Jang, Sook-Yun; Chun, Youn-Sic; Lim, Won Hee

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The EH Angle Education and Research Foundation
The Angle Orthodontist Vol.83 No.2, pp. 274-279
복합학Supraerupted molarIntrusionMini-implant3D analysis
Objective: To evaluate three-dimensional (3D) positional changes of an intruded tooth, a neighboring tooth, and a tooth connected to a mini-implant following intrusion of a single supraerupted molar, using a mini-implant with partial-fixed orthodontic appliances.Materials and Methods: The study consisted of 14 adult patients (two males and 12 females, mean age 41.9 years) with a supraerupted molar due to loss of an antagonist. Intrusion was performed using a mini-implant with a partial strap-up. The mean treatment time was 11.9 months, and the mean retention time was 23.3 months. To quantify the positional changes of the teeth, 3D models using a laser-based, dental scanning system and 3D software at pretreatment, posttreatment, and retention were oriented in a coordinate system and superimposed using nonmoved teeth as references. The changes on the x-, y-, and z-axes were measured at the tip of each cusp in the involved teeth.Results: A supraerupted molar was intruded by a mean amount of 1.35 +/- 0.48 mm and was well maintained during the retention period. The overall change in the neighboring tooth was insignificant, although it showed opposite movement compared to the intruded tooth during the intrusion. The tooth connected to a mini-implant exhibited a secure anchorage.Conclusion: 3D analysis showed the detailed positional changes of each tooth, and the involved molars were well maintained after intrusion. (Angle Orthod. 2013;83:274-279.)
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