Influence of temperature during transport on shelf-life quality of highbush blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum L. cvs. Bluetta, Duke)

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Eum, Hyang Lan; Hong, Sun Chul; Chun, Changhoo; Shin, Il Sheob; Lee, Byoung Yil; Kim, Hak Ki; Hong, Sae Jin

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Korean Society for Horticulture and Science
Horticulture, Environment, and Biotechnology Vol.54 No.2, pp. 128-133
농수해양fruit qualitystorage temperaturevented PET containerweather condition
Quality changes of highbush blueberry cultivars (Vaccinium corymbosum L. cvs. Bluetta, Duke) were evaluated as influenced by transport temperature. Neither cultivar remained marketable after 6 days or 16 days at room temperature or 10A degrees C. The 'Duke' cultivar had slightly lower weight loss than 'Bluetta,' but difference between the cultivars was not significant after 12 days of storage. Decrease of fruit firmness was delayed by storage at 10A degrees C for both cultivars, with 'Duke' blueberries being firmer than 'Bluetta'. Soluble solids content was 9.9 +/- 0.3 A degrees Brix for both cultivars, which was lower than previous reports, probably as a result of weather conditions before harvest. Organic acid content declined in both cultivars during storage. Hue value of the 'Bluetta' cultivar was higher #more purple-blue# than the 'Duke' cultivar, but Hunter L and hue angle did not change during storage. Fruit characteristics at harvest and postharvest maintenance of low temperature are clearly important factors affecting the post-harvest fruit quality during transportation and storage.
2211-3452 (print)
2211-3460 (online)
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