The Effect of Political Institutions on the Use of Citizen Participation Programs

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Oh, Youngmin; Park, Jongsun

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Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University
Korean Journal of Policy Studies, Vol.28 No.2, pp. 25-48
institutionscitizen participationpolitical environmentscouncilmanager form of governmentnonpartisan electionat-large election
Local governments use of citizen participation programs is influenced by external environments, especially in the form of political institutions. Local governments decide to expand or limit citizen participation in administrative decision-making processes in response to political uncertainties created by different types of political institutions. Despite the importance of institutional contexts, few studies have examined the effects of these political institutions on the use of citizen participation programs. This study empirically tested whether political institutions affect the adoption of citizen participation programs. The results suggest that the council-manager form of government increases both the adoption of citizen participation mechanisms and the use of citizen participation programs in functional areas, while nonpartisan elections are associated only with the adoption of citizen participation mechanisms. At-large elections show no statistical association with either type of citizen participation. These findings suggest that local political contexts play important roles in the adoption of bureaucratic practices such as citizen participation programs and still support the classical assertion that public dministration is closely connected to politics.
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Graduate School of Public Administration (행정대학원)Dept. of Public Administration (행정학과)Korean Journal of Policy Studies (정책논총, KJPS)Korean Journal of Policy Studies (정책논총) vol.28 no.1-3 (2013)
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