『삼한시귀감』(三韓詩龜鑑) 소재(所載) 최해(崔瀣)의 평점비평 연구
Study on the pyeongjeon commentary by Choi-hae(崔瀣) included in Samhanshiguigam(三韓詩龜鑑)

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.61, pp. 33-67
최해(崔瀣)조운흘 (趙云仡)평점비평『동인지문』(東人之文)『파한집』(破閑集)최치원이규보Choi-hae(崔瀣)Jo-unheul(趙云仡)pyeongjeom commentaryDonginjimun(東人之文)Pahanjip(破閑集)Choi-chiwon(崔致遠)Yi-kyupo(李奎報)
I explore the pyeongjeom commentary by Choi-hae(崔瀣,1287~1340) included in Samhanshiguigam(三韓詩龜鑑). Pyeongjeom commentary, which maximizes the dialogical relationship between written and critic, is a peculiar way of criticism developed in the East Asia. However, studies on pyeongjeom commentary are not sufficient yet, and concentrated on the pyeongjeom commentary of late Choseon period. I intend to fill the void in the field of study of Korean traditional criticism written in classical Chinese.

This study begins with examining the morphometric characteristics of the pyeongjeom commentary included in Samhanshiguigam. Especially, I pay attention to how China=the external are interweaved closely. Based on the two aspects mentioned above, I explore the pyeongjeom commentary by Choi-hae included in Samhanshiguigam. I examine how Choi criticized the poems included in Samhanshiguigam and which poetical tradition he succeeded. Finally I examine a historical meaning of Chois criticism included in Samhanshiguigam in a broader context.

Samhanshiguigam, which is based on the selection of Korean traditional literature written in classical Chinese Donginjimun(東人之文), is the prototype of pyeongjeom commentary in premodern Korea. Pyeongjeom commentary included in Samhanshiguigam is the case of the initial of history of Korean traditional criticism as the appropriation of Chinese literary criticism through transforming it as an important way of organizing domestic literary tradition.
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Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies (규장각한국학연구원)Korean Culture (한국문화) Korean Culture (한국문화) vol.61-64(2013)
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