조선후기 敎書의 발급 과정 연구 - 1756년(영조 32) 宋時烈 文廟從祀敎書를 중심으로
Study on the process of issuing Gyoseo(敎書) in the late period of Joseon Dynasty – Focusing on Song Si Yeol(宋時烈) Munmyojongsa-gyoseo(文廟從祀敎書) in 1756(thirty-second year of Yeongjo) -

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.62, pp. 129-159
Gyoseo(敎書)Song Si-Yeol(宋時烈)Munmyojongsa-gyoseo(文廟從祀敎書)Jesulgwan(製述r官)Jejindanja(製進單子)Ibgye(入啓)Seosagwan(書寫官)Anbo(安寶)
As the most authoritative document addressing the order of the King, Gyoseo(敎書) was issued through a regular procedure of an official system in Joseon Dynasty. Focusing on Munmyojongsa-gyoseo(文廟從祀敎書), from among Gyoseos, issued for enshrining Song Si-Yeol in National Confucian Shrine(文廟) in 1756(thirty-second year of Yeongjo), this paper examines the process of issuing Gyoseo(敎書) in the late period of Joseon Dynasty.

According to the process of issuing Song Si-Yeol Munmyojongsa-gyoseo, Yemungwan(藝文官), Jehak(提學) Nam You-Yong(南有容) who was selected as Jesulgwan(製述r官) made a draft of the body of the Gyoseo in the first place and then wrote it clearly in the from of Jejindanja. This Jejindanja obtained Yeongjos approval through Seongjeongwon Useungji Lee Young-Hui(李永暉). Seosagwan(書寫官) copied Jejindanja after approval and Munmyojongsa-gyoseo was ultimately issued by affixing the royal seal, Simyeong-Ji-bo(施命之寶). Yet Song Si-Yeol Munmyojongsa-gyoseo has found to have been reissued afterward on account of misdesecribing the position of Song Si-Yeol.

By examining the process of issue, we have seen that the Gyoseo in the late period of Joseon Dynasty was issued not through a simple procedure but through writing Jejindanja and obtaining the royal approval followed by copying it. Multiple process above mentioned was necessary because the Gyoseo was an important document that conveys the Kings message and the document was not only lengthy but difficult to interpret as well.
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