정족산 사고본 태조~명종 실록의 구성과 서지적 특징
The Composition of Jeongjok Mountain Archives" Taejo~Myungjong Sillok and its Bibliographical Characteristic

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.63, pp. 219-245
정족산 사고밀랍본 실록재간행 실록정본화형태복원Jeongjok Mountain ArchivesBeeswaxed SillokRe-published SillokMaking a new original copy of SillokRestoration of the form
The Siiloks(Annals of Joseon Dynasty) from Taejo(the 1st king of Joseon) to Myoungjong(the 13th King) which are beeswaxed copies with silk up cover and waxed paper inside were originally four sets. One set comprises of 805 chapters and 576 volumes. Three sets of Taejo Sillok ~ Myoungjong Sillok were burnt and one set which is Jeonju copy comprised of 804 chapters and 575 volumes is survived after Japanese Invasion in 1592(Imjinwoeran).

217 volumes of beeswaxed Silloks were disappeard during Manchu War in 1636 (Byungjahoran). The remaining 587 volumes are damaged by water and or mud. The book covers of 414 volumes are missing and 202 volumes have missing and torn pages. 155 volumes out of 804 were left intact.

Damaged Taejo Silloks ~ Myoungjong Silloks were moved to the Jeongjok mountaion archives in 1660. They were restored 5 types : ①original beeswaxed version before Imjinwoeran ② partially damaged beeswaxed version(replacement of binding string, replacement of the book cover to yellow hanji, replacement of fallen pages with handwritten copy) ③ re-published version of 1606 ④ copied version of Jeoksang mountain archives Sillok ⑤ other appearance of Sillok. These 5 types of Silloks maintain the present state. However, restoration is not completed, so damage is going on.

Conservation of damage Sillok can not restore the whole beeswaxed Sillok which is comprised of 804 chapters and 575 volumes. The restoration process of the whole beeswaxed Sillok needs to make a new original and to restore of the old form. Restoration of the form included the work of conservation, restoration of missing 217 volumes, binding of silk cover, putting handwritten parts of fallen pages into print.

They were replaced with Chunchuguna ArchivesSillok, although beeswaxed Sillok is still remained. Therefore, it is possible that they contain different texts information from beeswasxed Sillok. Sillok should be re-published or changed copy version to beeswaxed original and make the original text contents for making a new original copy of Silok.
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