가나자와 쇼지부로(金澤庄三郞)의 『朝鮮語發音篇』에 대하여
On the 「Joseoneobaleumpyeon」(朝鮮語發音篇) by Kanazawa Shouzaburou(金澤庄三郞)

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서울대학교 규장각한국학연구원
한국문화, Vol.59, pp. 261-304
가나자와 쇼지부로(金澤庄三郞)한국어 발음음운론음운음운 현상Kanazawa shouzaburoKorean pronunciationphonologyphonemephonological phenomena
「朝鮮語發音篇」(Pronunciation of Korean) was written by Kanazawa Shouzaburo(金澤庄三郞, 1872-1967) in 1917~1918. It was included in 『朝鮮敎育硏究會雜誌』monthly published by 朝鮮敎育硏究會. Kanazawa is famous for his comparative study between Korean and Japanese. So-called 日鮮同祖論 advocated by him was used for providing academic ground of ruling over Korea by Japan, and because of it he was criticized. But 「朝鮮語發音篇」 is entirely unrelated with that point, so very interesting work. It appeared serially in eight times, and owing to some unknown causes finished incompletely.

Kanazawa wrote this paper with the purpose of guiding the education of Korean pronunciation. So It has some exercises at the end of sub-chapter. Its content can be divided into two major parts. One is about the inventory of Korean phoneme, and the other is about the phonological phenomena. The former is described very precisely, but the latter very briefly. His explanation on the Korean phoneme is superior to previous works because he used phonetic conception. But his explanation on the phonological phenomena is not as good as previous works.

「朝鮮語發音篇」was not affected by other studies, in addition could not influence on successive studies. Consequently it remained the odd one out. The reason that this work has been forgotten lies there. But it tells us some unknown things about Kanazawa, and make up for a deficiency in number of 1910s works in Korean phonology.
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