Urban-Rural Differentials in Fertility Behavior in KOREA: Preliminary Analysis for Multilevel Approach

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Kim, Ik-Ki

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Population and Development Studies Center, Seoul National University
Bulletin of the Population and Development Studies Center, Vol.15, pp. 1-18
In the field of demographic research, there has recently been a shift from the analysis of either micro or macro level data to the analysis of a combination of micro and macro level data (Duncan, 1964; Srikantan, 1967; Anker, 1973; Mason and Palan, 1981; Alauddin, 1979; Nizamuddin, 1979; Chou, 1981; Chayovan, 1982). Investigation of fertility-related behavior employing multilevel analy-. sis is, especially, a recent phenomenon (Entwisle et al., 1982; Mason and Entwisle, 1982; Mason et al., 1982; Entwisle and Mason, 1983; Ahmed, 1984; Kim, 1984). The main focus of such studies has been on the extent to which community-level factors have significant influence on individual demographic behavior beyond the influence of individual-level factors.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute for Social Development and Policy Research (사회발전연구소)Development and SocietyBulletin of the Population and Development Studies Center Vol.15 (1986)
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