Estimates Of Net Internal Migration For KOREA 1975-85

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Kwon, Tai-Hwan

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Population and Development Studies Center, Seoul National University
Bulletin of the Population and Development Studies Center, Vol.17, pp. 36-69
An attempt was made here to estimate the numbers and rates of net internal migration for each five-year age group for the five-year intercensal periods 1975-80 and 1980-85 in Korea. The current data set was prepared as an addition to those for the previous five-year periods between 1955-75 which were presented in the earlier volumes of the Bulletin (V ols. 4 & 7). The regional unit of estimation is of two types: (1) administratively defined provinces and the equivalent districts with urban-rural distinction and (2) individual cities. The basic method adopted for this estimation is the forward census survival ratio method (Lee & Lee, 1960; Zachariah, 1962). For the use of the method, a series of adjustments are required to the original census data because the interval between the censuses 1975 and 1980 is not exactly five years as required and the population figures for the two censuses involved are not comparable for some unit areas due to boundary adjustment or the status change of its subareas between the two censuses. The procedures of estimation and the questions concerning the quality of the estimates were described in detail in relation to the estimates for the earlier periods 1955-75. The present discussion on the procedures and quality is, therefore, limited to the matters particularly relevant to interpreting and reading the current estimates.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute for Social Development and Policy Research (사회발전연구소)Development and SocietyBulletin of the Population and Development Studies Center Vol.17 (1988)
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