Social Origins of Psychological Well-Being among older Korean Immigrants

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Lee, Mee Sook; Crittenden, Kathleen S.

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Population and Development Studies Center, Seoul National University
Korea Journal of Population and Development, Vol.19 No.2, pp. 157-176
The present study investigates the social sources of psychological well-being of older Korean immigrants in terms of social contexts and acculturation level. Data were collected from a survey of older Koreans in Chicago. This study confirms empirically the target population as a vulnerable group. Effects of social sources were examined with multiple regression analysis. -and the main results are: (I) larger primary networks and independent altitudes on children's support are functional for older Korean immigrants' psychological well-being; (2) life stress is more useful for explaining current depressive symptoms; (3) residing in the ethnic community is functional for their life satisfaction; (4) age is an important predictor for the efficacy of adjustment of older persons; and (5) health status is an overall

predictor of psychological well-being.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute for Social Development and Policy Research (사회발전연구소)Development and SocietyKorea Journal of Population and Development Vol.19 No.1/2 (1990)
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