Prospects for Democracy in Russia

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Kremenyuk, Victor A.

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Population and Development Studies Center, Seoul National University
Korea Journal of Population and Development, Vol.25 No.2, pp. 217-233
This article gives an analysis of sources and moving forces of recent pro-democracy changes in Russia. While attibuting high esteem to the new democratic elements in Russia, the author casts strong doubts to depth and durability of these changes since they were never backed by a strong grass-root movement and were primarily result of a policy from above. The author studies current state of affairs in building democratic society in Russia and presents a balanced view of advancements and shortcomings in this area, explaining the sources of still strong pro-Communist sympathies which were revealed during recent presidential election in Russia. An attempt to judge on possibilities of further democratic development in Russia ends the article.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute for Social Development and Policy Research (사회발전연구소)Development and SocietyKorea Journal of Population and Development Vol.25 No.1/2 (1996)
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