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중환자간호 기계환기 시뮬레이션교육이 간호학생의 임상판단력과 자신감에 미치는 영향 : The Effects of Mechanical Ventilation Simulation on the Clinical Judgment and Self-confidence of Nursing Students

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하이경; 고진강

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서울대학교 간호과학연구소
Perspectives in Nursing Science, Vol.9 No.2, pp. 119-126
Critical careMechanical ventilatorPatient simulatio중환자 간호기계환기환자 시뮬레이션
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effects of mechanical ventilation simulation on the clinical judgment and self-confidence of nursing students. Methods: This study was a quasi-experimental study. From one university, 118 undergraduate nursing students participated in this study. Sixty students were in the intervention group, and fifty-eight students were in the control group. A simulation scenario utilizing a high-fidelity human simulator focusing on nursing care for patients with a mechanical ventilator was developed for this study. Data were collected with a self-report survey method before the intervention, right after intervention, and two weeks later. Results: Students in the intervention group showed significantly higher increases in clinical judgment and self-confidence than those in the control group at the immediate posttest. Moreover, 2 weeks later, the increase in clinical judgment and self-confidence from the pretest among the intervention group was significantly larger than those in the control group. Conclusion: Utilizing simulation education focusing on patients with a mechanical ventilator may contribute to training more competent nurses in the area of critical care nursing. It may also serve to provide a better critical care environment for the safety and health of patients.
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