일개 대학 간호대학생의 학업성취도, 만족도와 교육요구도 : Study on the Academic Achievements, Satisfaction, and Educational Demands of Nursing Students at a College of Nursing

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김진현; 김성재; 방경숙; 고진강; 이남주; 유주연

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서울대학교 간호과학연구소
Perspectives in Nursing Science, Vol.9 No.2, pp. 127-135
Nursing studentsCurriculumAchievementSatisfactionEducational needs assessment간호대학생교과과정성취도만족도교육요구도 사정
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the academic achievements, satisfaction and educational demands of nursing students at a college of nursing. Methods: The study subjects consisted of 134 senior nursing students who completed their clinical practicums. The students were asked to complete the evaluation survey for the curriculum. The evaluation survey for the curriculum consisted of three parts: 1) academic achievements of educational objectives, care of subjects, and skills; 2) satisfaction with the curriculum, clinical practice environment, and educational environment; 3) demands on the curriculum and clinical practicum. Results: The mean scores on the achievement levels of educational objectives, care of subjects and skills of the students were 3.68±0.53, 3.69±0.59, and 3.77±0.56, respectively. The low rated domains were understanding and delivering culturally competent nursing and competence in fundamental nursing skills in their levels of achievements. Overall, students were satisfied with the nursing curriculum and educational environment. However, their satisfaction scores for the hours and arrangements of the clinical practicum, and the ratios and arrangements of lectures and clinical practicum were relatively low. Conclusion: The findings of this study are important to redesign nursing curriculum in order to prepare graduates for rapidly changing health care environments. We need to try various strategies to improve the clinical competencies of students by designing a curriculum based on social change and student needs.
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