빠른 젖물리기 프로그램이 모유수유 실천율에 미치는 영향 : Influence of an Early Latching-on Program on the Breastfeeding Rate

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김보열; 김진현

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서울대학교 간호과학연구소
Perspectives in Nursing Science, Vol.10 No.2, pp. 97-110
BreastfeedingEarly latching-onBottle feeding모유수유젖물리기분유수유
Purpose: This study sought to identify how initiating breastfeeding soon after birth affected breastfeeding practice. Methods: The subjects were mothers and newborns in Seouls S. University Hospital maternity unit who elected to breastfeed. They were divided into an experimental group, which practiced an "early latching-on program" (latching-on within 30 minutes after birth), and a control group, which did not. Both groups daily frequencies of breastfeeding and supplementary-glucose or bottle feeding were recorded. Results: The correlation between socio-demographic and medical characteristics and the breastfeeding rate was examined; 3 variables showed statistical significance: neonatal health anomaly, Apgar score after 1 minute, and Apgar score after 5 minutes. The difference in breastfeeding rates between the two groups was clear: the experimental groups rate was 1.93, while the control groups was 3.76 (t-statistic difference: 14.865), with the experimental groups rate during hospitalization being twice that of the control group (73.3% and 32.6%, respectively). Multiple regression analysis assessing the influence of the latching-on program yielded a t-statistic of -4.735 and a p-value of .000, indicating statistical significance. Conclusion: An early latching-on programs positive effect on the breastfeeding practice of mothers of newborns was demonstrated. Therefore, an early latching-on program could be a practical and effective nursing intervention for after mothers give birth.
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