현장타설말뚝 지지력 공식의 신뢰성 분석 : Reliability of Bearing Capacity Equation for Drilled Shafts

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정성준; 김성렬; 소진만; 김명모

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한국지반공학회 = Korean Geotechnical Society
2006 한국지반공학회 가을학술발표회, p. 666
Drilled shaftPile load testPile capacityRock socketed pileReliability analysis
As the use of dirried shaft for foundation of a large size structure increase recently, it becomes important to evaluate a reliable capacity of the pile. The purpose of this study is to verify the reliability of capacity equation for drilled shafts socketed in weathered rock by comparing capacity values from static load tests with values from capacity equations.
Twelve static load test piles were selected from four field sites as the object of analysis, and the data of load test properties of weathered rock were analyzed.
Three methods used widely in practive were selected for analysis; AASHTo method (1996), Carter & Kulhawy method (1998), and FHWA method (1999). The result of comparing the capacity values from capacity equations to those obtained from load test showed that Carter & Kulhawy method (1998) was the most reliable because it gives conservative design values and smaller COV (Coefficient Of Variation)
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