1g 진동대 실험을 이용한 건조 사질토 지반의 단말뚝 동적 p-y 곡선 연구 : Study on Dynamic p-y Curves of Single Piles in Dry Cohesionless Soils by 1g Shaking Table Tests

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양의규; 한진태; 김현욱; 김경환; 김명모

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한국지반공학회 = Korean Geotechnical Society
한국지반공학회 가을학술발표회, pp. 1552-1562, 부산대학교, 2007년 9월 14-15일
Dynamic p-y curves1-g Shaking table testSoil-pile interactionDynamic loading
For design of pile foundation against dynamic loadings like earthquakes, it is very important to consider seismic soil-pile interaction. The soil-pile interaction can be described by dynamic p-y curves, which represent the relationship between nonliear soil resistance and lateral pile deflection. Generally p-y curves recommended by the American Petroleum Institute(API) are widely used for the static or cyclic loading condition, which is applied at the pile head. But in the dynamic loading condition like an earthquakem kinematic force from the soils surrounding the pile as well as inertial force applied at the pile head can affect dynamic pile behavior. Thus, soil-pile interaction becomes very complicated, and dynamic p-y curvers which can be used in practical designs, have yet to be established. In this research, the effects of pile stiffness, soil and loading conditions on the dynamic p-y curve were inversigated by 1g shaking table tests. The obtained experimental dynamic p-y curves were compared with previous p-y curves.
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