사면의 안전율과 임계변위에 의한 지진 재해 위험지도의 비교 : Seismic landslide hazard maps based on factor of safety and critical displacements of slope

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정의송; 조성원; 김명모

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한국지반공학회 = Korean Geotechnical Society
한국지반공학회 봄학술발표회 pp.509-516
hazard mapfactor of safetycritical displacementpseudostatic analysisNewmark sliding block analysisGIS technique
As the first step for the application of seismic landslide hazard maps to domestic cases, two types of hazard maps on Ul-joo from pseudostatic analysis and Newmark sliding block analysis are constructed and compared.
ArcView, the GIS program and the 1:5,000 digital maps of the test-site are used for the constructin of hazard maps and the parameters for the analyses are determined by seismic survey and laboratory tests.
The results from the psedostatic analysis have more conservative values of lower critical slope angles, although the results form the two different analyses have similar tendencies. In detail, with increasing the peak ground acceleration, the dofference between the two analyses in the critical slope angle increases, while the difference decreases with increasing the maximum soil depth.
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