매체의 활용과 작문 교육
Practical use of media and composition education

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서울대학교 국어교육연구소
국어교육연구, Vol.8, pp. 143-164
As everything is changing in this modern society, Korean educational media are obviously enhanced its properties, education of the past tines, teachers enforced students to study using only a printing type material However Korean education is changed to communicating education system using various materials nowadays.

Otherwise, we are wondered about using these various media actively and practically in real case. In this point of view, this study present some models and possibilities of using various media which were achieved through experiences in writing class.

Knowledge of creation, importance of expression, basic composition and understanding, new discernment and taking a main topic, statement, original and impression, taking part in large portion in composition education, are considered to be studied more using various media With this view, OHP, Video and Computer Internet are tools that should be practiced diversely in Korean education.

In these days, students are more familiar with these technological media than other obsolete materials. So composition education is to be changed for them.

Although our society is changing rapidly and telecommunication system developed, technology education discussed frequently cannot be everything in Korean education As these situations go on, students are required to obtain their cultural sentiment and knowledge of creation relating to composition education.

According to these, composition education is not broaden area only by practicing media or technical tactics of tools which are intended to media-word On the contrary, in the living culture education that opens creatively one's experienced feelings and sightings seems to be very important.

Therefore, composition education beyond media is no less important than

education using media in Korean education.
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