근대 계몽기의 어문 정책 -『구한국 관보』를 중심으로- : The Korean Language Policy of the Enlightenment of Modern Recent Times - Focus on the 『Gwanbo(The Goverment's Newspaper)』-

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서울대학교 국어교육연구소
국어교육연구, Vol.10, pp. 97-149
근대계몽기어문 정책정책 수립 기관정책 실행 기관어문 연구기관언문일치외국어교육국어교육교과서 발간검인정 제도
In this paper, I looked into the korean language policy of the modern recent times, This period possessed the characteristics of enlightenment. So we called the period to "Enlightenment of Modern Recent Times". I think language policy were reflected in Government public information. So I focused on the 『Gwanbo』, that was a government public newspaper. The results of this paper as follow;

First, I investigated the organs of language policy, I divided the oragans into establishment, execution and researches. The results as follows ;

(1) The policy making organs were not found, but language policy related in the form of goverment[공문식] and conference of cabinet[의안]

(2) The execution of language policy were Byonyoggwa(the Ministary of Foreign Affairs's Translated Part)[외부 번역과], Hagbu(the ministary of education 학부) etc.

(3) In 1907, Government set up The Research of National Language[국문연구소], that researched the role of orthography.

Second I divided the language problem to the enlightenment of modern recent tines into three there

(1) The urgent questions were unification of the written and spoken language. This problem were expressed in Kim Ok-gwun[김옥균] and Park Young-hyo[박영효]. And The Royal decree No1 distributed in 1894. The decree contained "Korean letter is first, Chinese writing[한문] and Mixing Style[혼용문] is second". The Mixing Style used Hangul at the same tine with Chinese characters.

(2) The laws of education problems were contained language problems. So I researched the laws of education The entrance eximination, the course of study were related with Korean language problem

(3) The department of Hakbu Editing[학부편집부] edited schoolbooks, and textbook screening system[교과서 검정제도] were enforced.
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