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A Study on Writing of Web Bulletin Board System

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서울대학교 국어교육연구소
국어교육연구, Vol.11, pp. 103-152
e-writingTypes of web BBSCommunicational features of web BBSweb BBS writing
The computer-mediated communication has been changing rapidly. The new methods and system; of communication have come out. Students are in nero of learning e-writing. Students must be able to construct the form and contents appropriate for Internet media From this point of view, I study Writing of Web bulletin board system as a part of e-writing,

The purpose of this paper is to study writing of web BBS and establish the contents and method of teaching web BBS writing.

Types of web BBS are classified according to purposes and age of web BBS users and function of web BBS. Communicational features of web BBS are compared with in contrast with e-mail, chatting, homepage. Problems in writing of web BBS are pointed out four aspects; linguistic, textual, interactional and informational dimension.

In the 7th curriculum, writing in computer and e-writing are proposed in contents system. But the contents are realized to the authorized textbooks variously. Most of textbooks pay attention to problems of Internet communication language. Some textbooks don't explain the methods of web BBS writing but assigns writing of web BBS to students.

The writing method appropriate for wring space and the communicational method in web BBS has to be considered as contents of teaching. Students adapt themselves to new communicational method and become to understand the significance of writing that the writing is the process of social interaction through writing in web BBS.
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