근현대 국어교육 연구 전개양상(2) -신문과 단행본을 중심으로-
Modern and present age language education research unfolding aspect(2)-Laying stress on newspater and book

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서울대학교 국어교육연구소
국어교육연구, Vol.13, pp. 439-501
Korean language education's studycampaign for korean languagespeaking.listening educationreading educationwriting educationliterature education
This research observed language education unfolding aspect laying stress on newspaper and book at time that led at present age in modem age. At the period of modem age enlightenmen. I investigated (1896-899), (1897-1901) (1904-1910) back exclusive use of Hangul newspaper. Reports who modem age enlightenment perid language education related stories encourage language education as tool as a tool of clear racial spirit preservation and civilization Chinese character and language encroachrrent of Japanese as methods who emphasize necessity of language(national script) education mainly are most. At this time, 'To read and to write' education taking a serious view. This means as Character diffusion's tool that is primary illiteracy breaking and language medium of knowledge last month that a language is emphasized.

Observed laying stress on (1920-1938), (1920-1938) two newspaper spearheaded and so on Hangul motion and diffusion of language education at the period of Japanese colorial, and foreign countries newspaper (1907~1331) that is exrosing aspect of systematic language education present age. At this titre, interest about language knowledge education rises, and the discussion was spread was spread vigorously. Also, the importance of literature education discussed. There is contents about much language refinement campaign with newspaper account since release, and to speakingㆍlistening education emphasize. Report of language knowledge education field is loading majority early 80s. Also, observed province which profess 'reading education' of source coIlection process.

Language education research connection book that is published in Japan-made colony period is decimal and most language education discussion. Spread evenly to

language education category in establishment of a country. Language knowledge

field (spoken language) that a book of various category was written, but is coincided with target of specially the first training courses in the first training

courses period in present age, to write, book of literature education field is superior.

In the second training courses perid, a text look/teaching material number of item is superior. Also, is time that book came out most vigorously in the third course of study, and 'reading education' of book that the trick was inactive in all time increased remarkably.
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College of Education (사범대학)Korean Language Education Research Institute (국어교육연구소)국어교육연구 (The Education of Korean Language)국어교육연구 Volume 13/14 (2004)
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