한국어 쓰기 교수학습법의 현황과 과제
Teaching Writing : current practices and needs

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dc.identifier.citation국어교육연구, Vol.18, pp. 61-90-
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this paper is to present a historical overview of Korean as a second language writing methods, to sketch current practices of writing education, and to

provide suggestions for future directions in Korean writing research and practice.

The history of Korean writing since about 1959 - the beginning of the modem era

of Korean language education - can be regarded as a succession of orientations.

Product-focused approach and controlled writing had been a dominant writing method until early nineties. Since Around 2000, process-focused approach has been preferred to product-focused approach. Korean for academic purposes was introduced around 2000. Nowadays, writing is taught in a communicative way

where teachers emphasize process of writing, discourse-level writing, task-based

writing as well as collaborative writing. Novice and advanced teaching plans are

presented here as examples of current practices of writing education. The past 40

years show remarkable development in writing education, but KSL writing education still needs to give detailed teaching items as well as to improve teaching

methods which suit various types of Korean learners.
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dc.title한국어 쓰기 교수학습법의 현황과 과제-
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dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorAhn, Kyunghwa-
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College of Education (사범대학)Korean Language Education Research Institute (국어교육연구소)국어교육연구 (The Education of Korean Language)국어교육연구 Volume 17/18 (2006)
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