國語敎育의 位階化
Hierarchical Differentiation in Korean Language Education

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서울대학교 국어교육연구소
국어교육연구, Vol.19, pp. 7-43
국어교육위계화인간 발달교육의 개념언어의 본질수행 중심분석 중심평가 중심Korean Language educationhierarchical differentiationnature of human developmentconcept of educationnature of Languageperformance focused educationanalysis focused educationevaluation focused education
Needless to say, it is presumably beyond question that the contents of teaching

Korean are not same in primary school and high school. Nonetheless, there are not any consideration and discussion about the difference of content along with

hierarchy in Korean language education Therefore many planners and teachers

have set up the contents of subject Korean are just same in primary, middle, and

high school, and many researchers have approached teaching Korean without

regard to the students.

Hierarchical differentiation in Korean language education is necessary for the

efficiency of education, in the light of this, I propose hierarchical differentiation as

focused performance, analysis, and evaluation in primary, middle, high school each other. It is drawn from the nature of human development, education, and language all around.

In performance focused primary school, there should always be a keen interest in words - their sounds, shapes and meanings - from the point of view of hearing them, reading them, speaking them, writing them and thinking about them, and that pupils should have access to as many of them as possible. In analysis focused

middle school, there should be systematic analysis about various materials and situations of language activities, therefore thinking activities through language are

important in this hierarchy. In evaluation focused high school, Korean language

teaching should emphasize the ability of having subjectivity through evaluation of

language activities.
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