1970년대 독서 대중화 운동 연구 - 중 · 후반기를 중심으로
A Study on Reading Popularization Movement - Focus in the middle and the last period in the 1970s

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dc.identifier.citation국어교육연구, Vol.20, pp. 339-382-
dc.description.abstract이 연구는 1970년대 중·후반기 독서 대중화 운동의 양상을 고찰하는 데 목적을 두고 있다. 본고는 근대화 독서 대중화 운동을 전반적으로 검토하기 위한 시론으로서 일제 강점기, 건국기, 1950년대, 1960년대, 1970년대 초기 독서 대중화 운동 연구에 이은 후속 연구이다. 이러한 일련의 연구의 목적은 시기별 독서 현상의 변화상을 비교 분석하여, 오늘에 이르는 독서운동과 독서교육의 현주소를 찾아보려는 데 있다. 제반적은 독서 현상에 대한 분석은 그에 따른 향후 독서운동, 즉 독서교육을 보다 효과적으로 개선시키는 토대를 마련할 것으로 여겨진다. 본론에서는 첫째, 1970년대 중·후반기 독서운동의 양상 둘째, 1970년대 중·후반기 독서경향 등으로 대별하여 고찰하였고, 특별히 일반 독서와 학생독서를 구별하여 살폈다. 이것은 사회 전반적인 독서운동의 양상과 공교육 내에서 독서교육 현상을 비교하려는 목적에서였다.

This research allows purpose to investigate aspect of reading popularization movement the middle and the last period in the 1970s. This is succession research that is Japan-made strength titre, after release, the 1950s, the 1960s, the early 1970s reading popularization movement research as current trend of opinion to examine modern reading popularization movement.

Such series research purpose that reading phenomenon analyzing comparison, is to find reading exercise and present address of reading education. All sorts correct judgment about reading phenomenon accordingly hereafter reading movement, foundation that unfold reading education more effectively.

In main discourse first, investigated, and distinguish student object from ordinary people specially and observed classifying roughly by readers' interest etc.

This is in intention to compare reading education phenomenon in aspect and public education of society general reading movement.

The 1970s, tectonics surprised society, economy, politics, and it is society structural problem, time that various kinds change by this be!~ins to happen by industrialization. In the meantime, illiteracy rate droped rapidly by active Hangul education of government after release, and the 1970s is time that writers and readers was changed generation as 'Hangu! generation'. Class of readers was magnified with haste degree on the basis of this. Also, this titre is corresponded to the third course of study and book of connection to reading was published much.
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dc.title1970년대 독서 대중화 운동 연구 - 중 · 후반기를 중심으로-
dc.title.alternativeA Study on Reading Popularization Movement - Focus in the middle and the last period in the 1970s-
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dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorYeun, Keum-Sun-
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