Effect of soil solids concentration in batch tests on the partition coefficients of organic pollutants in landfill liner-soil materials

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Kim, Jae Young; Shin, Min-Chul; Park, Je-Ryang; Nam, Kyoungphile

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J Mater Cycles Waste Manag 5:55-62
Partition coefficientLandfillBatch testSoil
The effect of the soil solids concentration in batch
tests on the measured values of the partition coefficient (Kp)
of organic pollutants in landfill liner-soil material was investigated.
Since this study was based on the results of batch
and column tests conducted independently, there were
limitations to the conclusions derived. The organic compounds
tested were benzene, methylene chloride, toluene,
trichloroethylene, and p-xylene. The results of this study
showed that as soil solids concentrations increased, the
measured Kp values of these organic compounds strongly
decreased. The observed values of Kp stabilized when the
soil solids concentration was above a certain value. Typical
Kp values obtained from batch tests conducted under high
soil solids concentrations were close to those obtained from
column tests. It was concluded that the Kp values of organic
compounds measured under low soil solids concentrations,
i.e., less than 100 g/l, may not correctly simulate the field
situation. Consequently, the values of Kp obtained with
low soil solids concentrations can result in an overestimation
of the retardation factor of the landfill liner material.
1438-4957 (print)
1611-8227 (online)
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