시적인 메타 텍스트로서의 아나톨리 김의 <연꽃> 분석 : A. Kim's : Poetic Meta-Fiction

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서울대학교 러시아연구소
러시아연구, Vol.11 No.2, pp. 185-209
러시아소설아나톨리 김연꽃Russian NovelAnatoly KimLotos
The significance of Kim·s texts as a whole lies in the fact that he address directly-and on a deep level-some of the most fundamental issues of the human condition such as subjectivity, human-versus-animal mature, kinship, memory and death. He tries to respond to these issues with an organic, unified world view. Translating this world view into literature, Kim creates a unique style, which, while incorporating certain elements of modern writing, remains unmistakably individual. This style subverts the simplicity of regular story-telling(often characteristic of fantastic literature), and tries to integrate the most advanced narrative strategies with the supernatural. 1 believe that Kim represents an important and innovative development, both in relation to Bulgakov' s landmark 『Master and Margarita』, and in relation to the whole contemporary fantastic trend in Russian literature. The most conspicuous features of Kim's works is the interaction of extreme narrative complexity and supernatural elements. This reserves for him a special place in the revival of the fantastic. It is established that supernatural elements operate there not in the world of the characters, but on the level of the telling of the story. These two novellas are defined as poetic and meta-fictional. Kim began with meta-functional experiments, then went through a poetic phase in which he experimented with language and with the supernatural as structurally separate from the world of characters. He started with a personified narrator and that narrator's mner world, then moved to complex impersonal narratives which mixed the natural and the supernatural.
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College of Humanities (인문대학)Institute for Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies (러시아문화권연구소)러시아연구 (Russian Studies)러시아연구 Volume 11 Number 1/2 (2001)
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