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러시아어 "y" 소유구문 연구 : Y Possessive Construction in Russian

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서울대학교 러시아연구소
러시아연구, Vol.13 No.1, pp. 251-281
The structure of possessive construction has been considered either as same as that of existential construction or as totally different from it. In this paper, PP with 'y' in Russian possessive construction is considered as discourse space, in relation to which existential clause contained in possessive construction is interpreted. PP with 'y' as discourse space represents an abstract location in contrast to a concrete location involved in existential construction. Animate discourse space is interpreted as possessor of an object existing in some concrete location.

As for the selection between 'eCTb' and zero in 'y' possessive construction, there have been hypotheses based on the existence of existential closure, or on the opposition of part vs. whole, or factual vs. temporary possession, etc., which provide only partial explanations for the phenomenon. This paper offers a more general explanation: 'eCTb' is used when the speaker has an intention to focus on the truth-value of the assertion. For example, it is used in pure existential sentences or in polemical and/or emphatic contexts. Otherwise, zero is used as default.

'y' possessive construction has a distinctive status among possessive expressions. It is based on Existential Model and in this sense, it is distinguished from HA VE( =' иметь')possessive construction, which makes use of Action Model. PP with 'y' as abstract location is different from Possessive Dative, which is interpreted as an affected being due to its feature [+Directed]. 'y' possessive construction asserts the possessive relationship, in distinction from the construction with Possessive GenitivelPossessive PronounIPossessive Adjective, which presuppose (and do not assert) the existence of possessive relationship.
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