러시아어 여격 주어 구문 재고
Another Look at Russian "Dative Subject" Construction

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서울대학교 러시아연구소
러시아연구, Vol.17 No.1, pp. 205-240
여격주어여격간접목적어부정사구문경험주여격구문담화주제여격의 확산dative subjectdative indirect objectinfinitive constructionexperiencer dative constructiondiscourse topicexpansion of dative
The purpose of this article is to reconsider the prevailing views on the

subjecthood of DAT of infinitive construction and to clarify the

relationship between DA T of infinitive construction and EXP(eriencer)

DA T. The ultimate goal of the research is to explicate the cognitive

expansion of Russian DA T. In the beginning chapter various criteria that

have been applied to prove the subjecthood of DA T of infinitive

construction are reexamined and repudiated. In the next chapter both of

the two contradicting views on the relationship between DA T of infinitive

construction and EXP DA T, i.e. identifying view and dissimilating view,

are rej ected on the ground of their wrong presumptions or improper

methodology. All the existing views on EXP DA T have been dependent on

subjecthood or/and indirect objecthood. Such approach, however, turned out

to be unsatisfactory in order to explain properly the behavioral and

functional characteristics of EXP DA T. 1 claim that discourse topic

approach may be the answer. Both EXP DA T and DA T of infinitive

construction show the typical characteristics of discourse topic such as

location outside S, existential presupposition and semantically restricting

function. EXP DA T and DA T of infinitive construction exhibit difference

in animacy and ' activeness, which may be explained by their difference in

markedness. EXP DA T and DA T of infinitive construction are

marked/unmarked members of one and the same semantic function which

may be temporarily called REC(ipient) OF SITUATION. REC OF

SITUATION reflects one of the intermediate stages in the course of

expansion of REC DA T, which in its turn is a result of the expansion of

[+Directional] of GOAL DAT toward [+AnimateJ. REC DAT, starting from

Indirect Object position of V, expands out of VP to Adjunct position,

serving as BEN(eficiary) DA T, and then further expands to the outside of

S, functioning as REC OF SITUA TION. It may further expand to

pragmatic level and serve as DA T ETHICUS
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