검사 조건에 따른 저성취․학습장애 학생의 점수 변화 : 검사 조정의 필요성과 타당성을 중심으로 : Impacts of Test Accommodations for the Students with Learning Disabilities and Low Achievers

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崔種根; 金東一

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서울대학교 교육연구소
아시아교육연구, Vol.6 No.3, pp. 81-104
검사 조정변별적 점수 향상저성취학습장애test modification or accommodation(TA)differential boostlow achievers(LA)learning disabilities(LD)
본 연구에서는 저성취(LA)나 학습장애(LD) 학생을 위한 검사 조정의 필요성과 타당성을 조사하였다. 저성취학생, 학습장애, 일반학생을 대상으로 각각 네 가지 검사 조건(표준, 시간연장, 대독(녹음테이프), 시간연장+대독(녹음테이프))에서 2차례 검사를 실시하여 검사 조건의 변화 즉, 검사 조정에 따른 점수 변화를 분석하였고, 이를 통해 각각의 검사 조정의 효과를 추정해내었다. 특히, 학습장애 학생의 피검 행동에 비추어 볼 때 학습장애 학생에게 검사 조정이 필요하다고 할 수 있는지를 논의하였다.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the necessity of test accommodations for the students with learning disabilities(LD) or low achievers(LA). In pursuit of this purpose, 2nd grade middle school 527 regular class students and 23 special class students took reading comprehension test twice. At first in condition of standard paper-pencil test, at second in standard or one of three accommodated test condition, which involved time extension, reading(tape-recorded test), and time extension + reading(tape-recorded test). Comparing the gain scores of general students, low achievers, and students with LD, possibility of 'differential boost' was detected in some accommodated test condition. Although the effect size was no so big, partially the bigger gain score for the LA or students with LD than that of general students was interpreted that test accommodation like time extension or reading could be positively considered for the LA or students with LD. Finally, several implications of several test-taking behavior of students with LD, several limitations and matters to be attended to was discussed.
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College of Education (사범대학)Education Research Institute (교육연구소)아시아교육연구 (Asian Journal of Education, AJE)아시아교육연구 (Asian Journal of Education) Volume 06 Number 1/4 (2005)
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