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農村景觀의 形態的 硏究 - 驪州ㆍ利川地方을 中心으로 : A Morphological Study of the RUl ul Landscape around the Yeoju and Icheon County

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dc.identifier.citation지리학논총, Vol.6, pp. 96-115-
dc.description.abstractThe rural ladscape can be defined as a material cuture mad by the people who are engaged in agriculture. The morphology of the rural landscape is composed of such elements as the sites of settlement, settlement patterns, house types and their building materials, the size and shape of fields, and the spatial distribution of farm lands. The purpose of this study is to describe the form of the rural landscape appearing around the Yeoju and Icheon Country in Kyonggi province, and to explain the processes throught which the form of the landscape has been developed. Large scale maps published by the National Geographical Institute (1 : 5, 000) were used to generalize the form of the rural landscape. Observations and

interviews with farmers in various villiages were undertaken to learn about the forming forces of the rural landscape. Moreover, Property maps(地籍園); 1 : 1, 200), and County records of houses and lands were consulted to help the field work. Rural settlements are generally located inside small stream valleys (in Korean, traditionally called 'gol') which are surrounded by hills and mountains. The reason why these sites are preferred is because they are thought to be protected from the cold winds blowing from the north west during the winter.
dc.publisher서울대학교 국토문제연구소-
dc.title農村景觀의 形態的 硏究 - 驪州ㆍ利川地方을 中心으로-
dc.title.alternativeA Morphological Study of the RUl ul Landscape around the Yeoju and Icheon County-
dc.typeSNU Journal-
dc.contributor.AlternativeAuthorRyu, Je-Heon-
dc.citation.journaltitle지리학논총(Journal of Geography)-
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