朝鮮後期 商業發達과 地域構造의 變化 : Commercial Development and the Regional Structure in Chosun Dynasty

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.14, pp. 141-164
This study is intended primarily to describe the change of regional structure in Kyungsang province in Chosun Dynasty. Through this study, the author propose to pay special attention to geographical aspects in examining the process of Chosun Dynasty. In this research, main focus is placed on the population change by 'Up (county: 邑)' -the smallest unit of general administrative system-and 'Daeup Area (大色勢力圈)-a regional unit in the special administrative system-in this period.

The results obtained in this study are as follows: 1. From 15th century(the earlier Chosun Dynasty) to 18th century (the later Chosun Dynasty), the population size and the its rank by Up in Kyungsang province shows that, however, considerable regional differentiation. Andong(安東) and several neighboring Ups

have revealed relatively slow population growth, while the population has increased markedly in the severeal Ups lined along the southern coast and nearby Nakdong River. 2. The Jinkwan system (鎮管制) in Chosun Dynasty has contributed to forming broad regional communities even though its main function has been military defense. The regional unit of this system is named as 'Daeup Area' in this study. There are 4 Daeup Areas-Andong, Sangju(尚州)), Kyungju(慶州) and Jinju(音州) in

15th century, 6 Daeup Areas-additional regions are Daegu(大邱) and Kimhae(金海) in the 16th century, and 7 Daeup Areas-an additional one is Dongnae(東萊) in the 18th century. The regional structure of Kyungsang province has continued to subdivide. 3. The change of regional structure has close

relationship with administrative system, military strategy, and such economic elements as the increase in cultivated area, development of commerce, and transportation network. Above all commercial development and the facilities of transportation have exerted a great influence

on the regional growth.
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