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石灰岩과 苦灰岩地域의 地表被覆物에 관한 硏究 : A study of overburden materials in karst terrain

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.15, pp. 99-118
The characteristics of overburden materials in karst terrain have not been fully understood because of diversity of color, lithology, morphology and degree of weathering. "Terra rossa' is a typical example. It has been widely used to describe the reddish overburden materials, regardless of parent material, color and other pedogenic process. For the clarification of terminology, it is necessary to analyze the physicochemical properties of weathering products as well as parent materials. This study aims to investigate physics and chemistry of overburden materials in karst terrain. Samples were obtained from some sites in Danyang, Youngwol, Samcheok-Donghae, Keumsan, Chonju. Hypothetical classification of overburden materials is based on not only literature review but also field survey. During field study, attention was paid to the relation of regolith to bedrock, the color of regolith, and arrangement of fragments. The types of overburden materials are solution pipe type, in situ I type, in situ II type, and colluvium type. The difference between in situ I and II types is the relative position of fine materials to bedrock (massive limestone); in situ I type provides the fine materials above the bedrock and in situ II type does fine materials beneath the bedrock. The fine materials were analyzed in terms of the distribution of particle size, X-ray diffraction at low angle (4°"-'20°), and the amount of soluble cation. The physico-chemical analyses could partly verify the hypothetical classification.
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