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서울시 文化藝術空間의 立地와 機能에 관한 硏究 : A Study on the LocatÎon and the Function of Culture-Art Centers in Seoul

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.17, pp. 1-19
This study is derived from the perception that Culture-Art Centers in the modern urban society are important and they need a geographical research. In this kind of context the character of Culture-Art Centers in Seoul are investigated with its focus on the location and function. This paper clarified the current standing of Culture-Art Centers in Seoul. And they are categorized into six types : art complexes, music halls, art galleries, theaters, cinemas, and museums. Though the analysis of statistical data, questionnaire and field surveys, their now conditions and distribution in Seoul, locational and functional characteristics, the perception about them were examined. By identifying the above, this study is trying to present an objective basis on which some aspects of the culture in contemporary Seoul can be understood. The results were found out to be as follows: First, Culture-Art Centers in Seoul have been on a rapid increase since 1980s. This reflects an increase in the demand for Culture-Art Centers at the same time. Second, with the distribution pattern oriented towards the urban centers, it shows a strong concentration in and around Chongro-Gu, Choong-Gu which can be said to be the old centers of culture and history. Recently, in another sense, there is also a tendency of decentralization to non-central and residential areas. Third, a variety of CuI ture-Art Districts of Seoul were chosen out according to the degree of agglomeration of Culture-Art Centers, where ten districts including 'Culture and Art Street of Daehak-Ro in Dongsoong-Dong', 'Culture-Art District around Sejong-Ro' and 'Street of Art Galleries in Cheongdam-Dong' were considered.
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