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農村住民의 存在樣相과 農村開發의 리더에 關한 硏究 - 燕岐郡의 한 村落을 事例로 : Conditions of the Rural Inhabitants and Leaders in Korean Rural Development -A Case Study of a Rural Community-

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.17, pp. 21-40
The industrialization of Korean society has brought about continuous modes of adaption and various condition of existence to rural inhabitants. Among these condition of existence, the interest of new groups in rural area is an important theme that rural social geography should turn its attention to. Up to now, however, as interests in rural inhabitants have been inclined to a classification regarding the class standing of them, it is needed to pay attention to the diverse conditions of existence and leaders of rural communities considered meaningful in there to more fully understand the changes of rural communities. This study, taking a hamlet of the Korean rural area for example, examined the diverse conditions of existence and learned the property, character, role, and limit of the leaders significant in rural development. in Chung Chong Nam-do and this study examined the condition of existence of the inhabitants with questionnaires as the main investigation method, and examined the required particulars of the gun region(Yon-gi-gun) and myon region (dong-myon) as its complementary investigation. The results turned out to be as follows. First, rural leaders of Korean society are varied by periods in their character and role. And with the rapid changes in the rural area in 1980s, besides remaining forces of ex-period, new leaders are being formed. Second, it gets hollowed of its youths and men in their forties in the population structure, and single household or a couple household is high in the ratio of household type.
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