韓國內 技術集約産業에서의 外國人直接投資의 空間패턴과 地域連擊
Spatial Patterns and Local Linkages of Foreign-invested High Technology lndustries in Korea

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.17, pp. 75-85
The purpose of this study is to identify the spatial patterns and local linkages of foreign-invested high technology industries in Korea. At first, general location patterns of all the foreign-invested firms in Korea are examined and then, locational patterns and local linkages of foreign-invested high technology firms in Korea are analysed. The research findings are as follows;

1) Foreign-invested high technology firms have been decentralized during the 1980s within the Capital Region. Firms of Japan have a preference for South-eastern Region and midium &small cities, while firms of America and other countries prefer to locate in the Capital Region in Korea. Classified by industrial type, there is little difference in location decisions with general trend of agglomeration in the Capital Region.

2) The separation ratio between production function and office function in foreign-invested high technology industries in Korea is little when the ownership of foreign investor is great. In dynamic aspects separation ratio declines slightly and regional pattern shows an agglomeration in Seoul when firms do not separate the function between production and office. It seems that firms whose functions are not separated need not separate the office function when they are located in the Seoul Metropolitan Region.

3) The measurement of entropy index of the location of the foreign-invested high technology industries shows a general trend of spatial dispersion over the 1986~1989 period. The indices compared with all manufacturing, however, suggest that foreign-invested high technology industries are still relatively more concentrated spatially in the Capital Region. This seems to be related with the availability of information, technology and infrastructures in the Capital Region.

4) Foreign-invested high technology firms located in the Capital Region shows high level of loval linkages, but those in South-eastern Region reveal high overseas linkages, especially to Japan; Overseas linkages are higher in the case of purchase than in the case of sales.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute for Korean Regional Studies (국토문제연구소)지리학논총 (Journal of Geography)지리학논총 Volume 17 (1990)
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