공장자동화가 지역노동시장의 노동력 구조에 미치는 영향 - 광주 및 구미의 전기·전자기기 제조업을 사례로- : The Impact of Factory Automation(FA) on Regional Labor Market Structure

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.25, pp. 81-102
공장자동화지역노동시장 구조고급 노동력저급 노동력비고용노동노동구조 변화Factory AutomationRegional Labor Market StructureUpper-class LaborLow-class LaborUnemployed LaborChange in Labor Structure
The purpose of this study is to analyze the characteristics of Factory Automation in the specialized region and the non-specialized region. Especially this paper aims to analyze the changes of labor structure due to Factory Automation. The major findings of this study are as follows: The Factory Automation level of the two regions resemble superficially. However, tn the two regions occurs some differentiation. The research findings from the two regions comparatively has it that the technological level in the specialized region is higher than that of the non-specialized region. This background ascribes to the location of industrial productive capacities, the advantages of specialization in specialized industry, and the governmental financial assistance, and so on.After the Factory Automation, the specialized region in the characteristics of labor structure resembles the non-specialized region in appearance. On the contrary, the specialized region are abundant with upper-class labor composed, in general, of engineers, researchers, etc. Also the specialized region are affluent with more elder labors than younger labors. In addition to that, high education labors are found more in the specialized region. When it comes to the new workers' region of birth place, the specialized region depends upon internal region and adjacent regions. However, the non-specialized region increases the -number of workers from external regions, not in internal region and in adjacent region.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute for Korean Regional Studies (국토문제연구소)지리학논총 (Journal of Geography)지리학논총 Volume 25/26 (1995)
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