중국 경제특구 深玔의 사영기업 연구 : A Study on Private Enterprise in the Chinese Special Economic Zone ShenZhen

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.29, pp. 101-129
경제특구사영기업사영기업자외자기업공간정책위장기업Special Economic Zoneprivate enterpriseprivate enterprenuerforeign invest companyspatial policy
This study aims to investigate ShenZhen as the place where Chinese Special Economic Zone and private enterprise meet, and to analyze the impact of regional properties on private enterprises and private enterpreneurs in ShenZhen. The data for analysis were obtained from interviews, questionarire surveys, and statistics.

Some conclusions from this study are as follows:

1) As the result of discrimitive spatial policies, the Special Economic Zones are the restricted areas for capitalism. In SEZ foreign invest companies have many advantages on taxes and management.

2) Private enterprises, which had lesitimated in 1988, role as the compensations for state -owned companies. However they have so many obstacles - strict taxation, limitation of income -.

3) Private enterprises in Shenzhen are apt to disguise as psuedo-foreign invest companies in order to have their advantages. Most of the private enterprenuers in Shenzhen are high educated and more than half of them came from coastal region. They moved to ShenZhen as engineers or managers when In-land companies invested in ShenZhen. And they have positive concepts about ShenZhen and their future.

4) Since 1992 a lot of new private enterprises have founded. As the other region also have the special favors for foreign invest companies, foreign invest compnies are looking for new places where they can find more benefitable circumstance than ShenZhen. The private enterprises in ShenZhen have political and econmic power.
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