문화매체의 입지와 문화관광지 발달- 경북 문경시를 사례로 - : The Location of Cultw-al Media and the Development of Cultural Tourist Place - In case of Mun-Gyeong City-

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총, Vol.39, pp. 75-118
문화관광지문화매체발달과정체험과학습문화적 동기장소의 보전지역인식의 재구성순환적 발달cultural tourist placecultural mediaprocess of developmentexperience and learningcultural motivateconservation of placereconstruction of regional recognitioncircular development
이 연구는 문화매체가 입지한 지역이 문화관광지로 변모하는 과정에 대한 경험적 연구를 통해 그 특성을 밝히는 것을 그 목적으로 하고 있다. 이에 문경시를 사례로, 문화관광지가 발달하는 과정을 생산-문화매체의 입지 배경과 과정, 소비-관광객의 문화관광 행태, 재생산-지역의 변화 과정으로 나누어 살펴보았으며, 이를 토대로 문화관광지 발달과정의 특성을 행위주체, 장소의 보전, 지역인식의 변화의 측면에서 접근하여 파악하였다. 그 결과, 문경시는 문화매체의 입지로 문화관광지로 발달하고 있으며, 다양한 행위주체들의 참여로 장소의 보전과 지역인식의 재구성이 이루어짐으로써, 문화관광지로의 발달이 강화되고 있음을 파악할 수 있었다.

This study is about characteristics of the development of cultural tourist place where the

cultural media is located. For this purpose, the transformation of the cultural tourist place is divided the three stages - 'production , consumption and 'reproduction . And on the basis of that process, three factors - behavior of participants' , 'conservation of place and reconstruing recognition of region – are establiehed as analysis categories and the characteristics of the development of cultural tourist place are examined. The study area is Mun-gyeong city in Kyongbuk province. The result of this research can be summarized as follows. Firstly, Mun-gyeong city has been on the decline because their mines which leaded the local economy was closed by the policy of the central government. With the municipal government' s effort to overcome the regional crisis and more importantly the existence of Mun-gyeong Sae-jae where cultural heritage and nature are prominently conserved, cultural media(historical drama set) was located in the city. Secondly, after the location of cultural media the number of tourist is rapidly increased. The cultural tourists who visit in Mun-gyeong are motivated with experience of history' and 'enjoyment of nature , and it become the background of reproduction. Thirdly, there are affirmative effect such as increase of tourist income and alleviation of decrease in population, so cultural tourist development arestrengthened. In the city, there is wide consent to the cultural tourist place and various discourses on the future of the city are raised. Fourthly, in the progress of cultural tourism, the municipal government plays a leading role. And the resident bring up various opinions and watching on the policy of municipal government. Cultural mediators influence on tourists by offering place image and information to them. Cultural tourists think 'the experience and learning; is very important in their tour, which reinforces the strategy of cultural tourist development.. Fixthly, the cultural tourist place have developed from the precondition for conservation of place. And the demand of cultural tourist for well-conserved place makes it possible that the place is continuously preserved. Sixth1y, Mun-gyeong was recognized just as lcoal city or historical city, but now it has reconstructed as the 'positive cultural tourist place . Tourists recognize the region as experience place of culture and history. In the region, the discourses of substitute industry or casino have been replaced by 'cultural tourism . On the other side, various future plans such as 'the city of cultural tourism and recreationalleisurè and the city of green cultural tourism' are being proposed. Finally, the process of cultural tourist place is characterized by circular development. On locaating cultural media, Mun-gyeong is being reproduced as the more positive cultural tourist place.
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College of Social Sciences (사회과학대학)Institute for Korean Regional Studies (국토문제연구소)지리학논총 (Journal of Geography)지리학논총 Volume 39/40 (2002)
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