觀光地 住民의 觀光行態에 관한 硏究 : 西歸浦市를 事例地域으로 하여 : A Study on the Tourism-behaviors of Residents in Resort Areas : A Case Study of Sogwipo, Chejudo

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서울대학교 국토문제연구소
지리학논총 별호, Vol.11, pp. 1-153
觀光行態觀光動機觀光意識觀光者距離 凋落性觀光影響tourism behaviortourism motivationtourism awarenesstouristdistance-decaytourism impact
This research, conducted in the Sogwipo City area which is one of the best-known resorts of Korea, attempts to understand how the residents react as

tourists themselves their motivations and their perceptions concerning tourism.

An analysis of data obtained from a 143 question questionair circulated to 3,226 residents of the Sogwip'o area between May and the end of July, 1990, has produced the following conclusions.

Tourism Behavior:

In the selection of the type of tourist destination when undertaking travel

within Korea, Sogwip'o residents have an overvhelmingly high preference for

natural tour destinations but on Cheju they indiscrimminately visit diverse

types of destinations. Furthermore, it seems that while mainland tourists are

not concerned with distances, Sogwip'o residents, with the exception of some

places including islands and recreational areas, have a distinct concept of


Tourism Motivation:

Sogwipo residents' reasons for tourism travel breakdown to four types -

relief from daily routines, to be with nature, seeking activities of a physical nature and for purposes of social intercourse - but among these four purposes, travel for reasons of relief from daily routine and to be with nature

constitute the major motivations. Furthermore, it was demonstrated that the

greater the motivation, the more a person traveled, and that there was a

distinct relationship between motivation type and destination type.

Tourism Resource Awareness:

Generally, Cheju's tourism resources were recognized as extremely

important, especially the natural and local folk customs and were considered

of greater importance that man-made attractions such as aquarium and

theme-parks, while a great love and devotion for one's home towns resources

was indicated.
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