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임피던스 변환 회로를 이용한 건식능동뇌파전극 개발 : Development of an Active Dry EEG Electrode Using an Impedance-Converting Circuit

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고덕원; 이관택; 김성민; 이찬희; 정영진; 임창환; 정기영

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대한임상신경생리학회지, Vol.13 No.2, pp. 80-86
공학EEGelectrodeActive dry electrodeImpedanceOP-ampChopper-stabilized
Background: A dry-type electrode is an alternative to the conventional wet-type electrode, because it can be applied without any skin preparation, such as a conductive electrolyte. However, because a dry-type electrode without electrolyte has high electrode-to-skin impedance, an impedance-converting amplifier is typically used to minimize the distortion of the bioelectric signal. In this study, we developed an active dry electroencephalography (EEG) electrode using an impedance converter, and compared its performance with a conventional Ag/AgCl EEG electrode. Methods: We developed an active dry electrode with an impedance converter using a chopper-stabilized operational amplifier. Two electrodes, a conventional Ag/AgCl electrode and our active electrode, were used to acquire EEG signals simultaneously, and the performance was tested in terms of (1)the electrode impedance, (2) raw data quality, and (3) the robustness of any artifacts. Results: The contact impedance of the developed electrode was lower than that of the Ag/AgCl electrode (0.3±0.1 vs. 2.7±0.7 kΩ, respectively). The EEG signal and power spectrum were similar for both electrodes. Additionally, our electrode had a lower 60-Hz component than the Ag/AgCl electrode (16.64 vs. 24.33 dB, respectively). The change in potential of the developed electrode with a physical stimulus was lower than for the Ag/AgCl electrode (58.7±30.6 vs. 81.0±19.1 μV, respectively), and the difference was close to statistical significance (P=0.07). Conclusions: Our electrode can be used to replace Ag/AgCl electrodes, when EEG recording is emergently required, such as in emergency rooms or in intensive care units.
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