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여자에 있어 등산운동의 생리학적 분석 : Physiological analysis of mountain climbing exercise in women

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손창수; 남기용

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.14 No.4, pp. 257-265
Physiological analysis of the physical exercise of
mountain climbing in 8 women was made. The course
between two places (256 and 516 meters altitude)
was 1,300 meters in distance and the difference of
vertical height was 260 meters making a mean grade
of 20%. In the field , the heart rates during uphill
or downhill walk were recorded on magnetic tapes
by means of EKG FM radio-telemetry. In the
laboratory. oxygen consumption was obtained by
the recorded heart rates. using individual heart rate
Vs oxygen consumption diagram obtained by treadmill
tests. The following results were obtained
1. Uphill walk time was 35. 5 minutes. and during
this period the mean heart rate was 168.8 beats/min
and the peak heart rate was 186.0 beats/min. The
total heart beats during the uphill walk was 5.992
2. The ratio of individual mean heart rate during
the uphill walk to the maximal heart rate distributed
between 83.7% and 101.4%. and the mean of the
total group was 89.8%. The ratio of peak heart
rate of uphill walk to the maximal heart rate was
99.1%. Thus a uphill walk of a 20% grade mountain
course was an exhaustive exercise.
3. Oxygen consumption during uphill walk was
36.7 (ranged between 29.5 and 45.6) ml/min/kg.
and the ratio of this to the resting oxygen consumption
was 9.7. The peak value of oxygen consump•
tion during uphill walk was 42.6 ml/min/kg and the
ratio of this to the resting oxygen consumption was
4. Breathing frequency during uphill walk was
- 264-
36. l/min and the peak frequency was 41. 6/min.
5. Energy expenditure during uphill walk showed
a mean of 9.4 kcal/min and the peak expenditure
rate was 10. 9 kca l/min. The total energy expenditure
during 35. 5 minutes of uphill walk was 332. 7 kcal.
6. In downhill walk, the time was 28. 2 minutes,
mean heart rate was 134.6 (ranged hetween 117.5
and 146.7 beats/min, and the peak heart rate was
143.3 beats/min. The ratio of mean heart rate
to the maximal heart rate was 71.5%. Total heart
beats during the downhill walk was 3,839 beats
Oxygen consumption during the downhill walk was
26.2 ml/min/kg and the ratio of this to the resting
oxygen consumptIOn was 6.6. The rate of energy
expenditure was 6.5 kcal/min, and the total energy
expenditure during the 28.2 minutes of downhill walk
was 184.8 kcal
Thus the grand total enerμy expenditure during
the 63.7 minutes of up' and downhill walk was 517. 5
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