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흰쥐 태자의 Primary tissue를 사용한 세포분열 중기세포의 발현빈도에 관한 연구 : The Frequency of Appearance of the Metaphase Cells from the Primary Tissues of Rat Fetus

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정경일; 장가용; 백상호; 이광호; 나세진

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.13 No.4, pp. 243-250
The materials generally used in most chromosomal
studies except for a particular purp
ose are the cultured cells of animal or plant
tissues. For the purpose of the studies of the
chromosomal aberrations possibly obtainable
by the administration of teratogens to the
early embryo, the examination of chromosomes
from the primary tissues of embryo is
the most desirable, since it seems not to be
able to rule out completely the possibilities of
some disturbing effects by culture conditions
(Bloom et aI, 1970) and/or culture media per
se. Another reason why the primary tissue
should be used is to examine the immediate
effects of the teratogens upon the embryonic
chromosomes within relatively short period of
time, 2 to 5 days after administration of teratogens.
However, it was impossible, if any,
to find out the reports regarding the chromosomal
studies, particularly the frequency of
appearance of metaphase cells from the primary
tissue of rat fetus.
The intention of the present work is to
develop a simple procedure of smear preparations
from the chemical-free primary
tissues of early rat fetus and to standardize
the conditions by which an appropriate number
of metaphase cells enough to analyze the
cromosomal aberrations could be revealed.
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