태아폐엽간열의 유착 : On Anomalous Lobulation of Lung In Fetus

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정인호; 김호정; 오진진; 이명복

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.7 No.4, pp. 43-45
Anomalous lobulation of the lungs from the 395 cases
(202 cases in male and 193 cases in female) of Korean
fetuses aged from the 4th to the term of the prenatal
life has been analyzed.
1. Of the left lung the incomplete oblique fissure
has been observable in 38. 2 per cent out of the lungs
2. The horizontal fissure on the costal surface of
the left upper lobe has been observable in one case
out of the observed population.
3. The frequency of the occurrence of the fissure
above the lingula of the left lung is 1. 3 per cent (5
cases out of the 395 left lungs).
4. The incomplete oblique fissure on the right lung
is observable in 35.9 per cent out of the 395 right
5. In the 37.7 per cent of the right lungs the incomplete
horizontal fissures are observable.
6. Of the lower lobe of the right lung the frequency
of the horizontal fissure which is limited on the costal
surface is 8 cases (2 per cent) out of the 395 right
7. In one case of the right lungs the lower lobe is
divided into two lobes by a horizontal fissure.
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