한국인의 복강동맥에 관한 연구 : Study on the Celiac Artery and its Branches of Korean

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.10 No.2, pp. 9-26
Knowledge of the celiac artery and its distributions
with variants is direly needed for the safety and
survival of the patients in operative procedures on
the upper abdominal organs. such as the stomach.
duodenum, liver, gallbladder, bile ducts. pancreas
and spleen.
This stuyd was undertaken to find out the modus
of the origins and distributions with their variants
of the celiac artery based upon 421 dissections of
Korean fetuses, which were injected with 8% vinylite
solution added 3% fast red B in acetone. The
results were summerized as follows:
1. Celiac artery
1. Basic type which has three main l:ranches ; the
left gastric. splenic and common hepatic arteries
was in 96.2%,
a. The left gastric artery arose as a first branch
of the celiac artery in 81.0%.
b. Triple ty야, the celiac artery broke up into
three branches in 13.8%.
c. The splenic artery was the first branch of the
coliac arterγ in 1.4%
2. Anomalous branching of the celiac artery was
three cases.
a) The celiac artery divided into two branches, the
common hepatic and splenic arteries and the left
gastric artery arose from the splenic artery.
b) The celiac artery broke up into the hepatogastric
trunk. splenic artery and gastroduodenal artery,
and the hepatogastric trunk divided into the
right hepatic and left gastric arteries. from
which the replaced left hepatic artery was derived.
c) From the celiac artery derived the dorsal pancreatic.
left gastric. replaced left hepatic. splenic
and right hepatc arteries.
3. One branch of the celiac artery arose from the
abdominal aorta directly in 11 cases (2. 6%).
a) The hepatolienal trunk in 5 cases(1.2%).
b) The hepatogastric tunk in 5 cases 0.2%)
c) The lienogastric trunk in 1 case (0.2%)
4. The celiac trunk was not present in 1 case
5. The celiacomesenteric tcunk was in 1 case
6. Occurrence of the variations of the Korean
celiac artery was less frequent than that of other
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