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여중생의 월경태도와 어머니 양육태도 : Menstrual Attitudes and Maternal Child Rearing Attitudes in Middle School Female Students

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홍경자; 김혜원; 안혜영

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한국간호과학회 = Korean Society of Nursing Science
Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing, 38, 748-757
초경여자 청소년자녀양육월경MenstruationFemale adolescentsChild rearingMenarche
Purpose: This correlational study was performed to identify the impacts of maternal child rearing attitudes on the menstrual
attitudes and the determinants of positive menstrual attitudes in female middle school students. Methods: With convenience
sampling, 198 middle school female students were recruited living in one major city and its surrounding areas in
Korea. Data was collected using a self administered questionnaire including menstrual attitudes and maternal child rearing
attitudes from April 1 to July 15, 2008. Results: Among the Maternal child rearing attitudes, affectionate, achievement oriented
and rational attitudes had positive correlations to a positive menstrual attitude, and an autonomous attitude had a
negative correlation to a negative menstrual attitude. As determinants of positive menstrual attitudes, feeling of menarche,
mothers response at first menstruation, and rational maternal child rearing attitudes were delineated and their explained
variance for a positive menstrual attitude was 18.5%. There was no difference on menstrual attitudes by K clustering in terms
of maternal child rearing attitudes. Conclusion: These results support the critical role of the mother. Especially desirable
maternal child rearing attitudes in relation to a positive menstrual attitude would be affectionate, achievement oriented and
rational for early adolescent girls. In further studies, considerations are needed for menstruation related education and research
for early adolescents and active involvement of the mother & daughter together.
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