Maackia Amurensis Ruprecht(다름나무)의 성분 및 약리작용의 연구(제3보) : Studies on the Chemical Composition of Maackia amurensis Rup. and its Pharmacological Actions.(Third Report)

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.1 No.3, pp. 57-63
It has been reported in the previous report that
author obtained a Crystalline Alkaloid with a melting point of 155°C from the Water Extract of
Maackia amurensis and its pharmacologic effect
was similar to that of nicotine.
Several derivatives such as Methyl. Ethyl. Nitroso-
and. Acetyl derivatives, were prepared from
this alkaloid. The melting point. the degree of
dissociation and pharmacologic activities of these
derivatives were studied comparatively and the
following results were obtained:
1) The melting point of each derivatives of this
alkaloid represented the same m.p. of the equivalent
derivatives of Cytisine. Therefore. isolated alkaloid
was identified as Cytisine.
2) The degree of dissociation of these alkaloids
decreased in the order of Cytisine, Ethyl. Methyl,
Acetyl and Nitroso-Cytisine, and no marked differences
in the degree of dissociation were observed
among the former three. Whereas, the degree of
dissociation of the latter two were low comparing
to those of the former three. From the calculation
of dissociation constants of them, it seems to imply
that the free group of these alkaloids exist in the
form of univalent ammonium ion in the aqueous
3) As for the toxicity to the mice, Ethyl-cytisine
was the most potent one. next to this being
Cytisine and Methyl-cytisne. Nitroso-and Acetylcytisine
were the weakest. namely, the toxicity of
Acetyl-cytisine was Ca. 1/37 and of Nitrosco cytisine
was Ca. 1/27 as low as that of Cytisine.
4) As to the Nicotine-like activity to the intestine
of the rabbit. Cytisine. Ethyl and Methylcytisine
were found to have effects to the same
extent and Acetyl-and Nitroso cytisine were 1/501/
100 as active as Cytisine, but Acetyl-cytisine
showed a feeble Muscarine-like activity in addition.
5) As to the insecticidal activity to the body
louse, Cystisin, Ethyl and Methyl-cytisine were
found to exert a similar effect. Whereas, Acetyl
and Nitroso-cytisine were 1/50 to 1/100 as effective
as Cytisine.
From all the results listed above, the author is
able to conclude that the presence of nitrogen
atom in such a manner as quaternary ammonium
ion in the Pyridine ring of Cytisine is important
for the pharmacological activity and Potency of
the activity of these derivatives are paralell to
the degree of dissociation of each derivatives.
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