이중 여성 외부 생식기 (1부검 증례) : Double Femele Externel Genitelia (An autopsy case)

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서은희; 지제근; 김우기

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서울대학교 의과대학
Seoul J Med, Vol.25 No.1, pp. 108-111
Double external genitalia is a rare anomaly in both
sexes. In boys it has been reported by many authors
since it was first reported by Ballantyne in 1895, as
the rarest malformation of the penis, and some cases
were associated with imrerforate anus CCcchrane et
a!' , in 1942). But in girls. tbere is no case of double
external genitalia in English literatures available
We report an autopy case of a girl who had double
external genitalia and lower two thirds of vagina
associated with low type of imperforate anus and
several fistula tracts. This girl was a full term infant
of a 40 year old mother and died on the 7th day of life
due to sepis. She had double anal pits without vcr
foration and double vestibules surrounded by indepen
dent double labia minora and labia majora_ In the
right vestibule there were both urethral orifice and
vaginal introitus which extended to urinary bladder
and uterus in normal fashion. Just above the introitus ,
the right vagina revealed rectovaginal fistula from
which meconium was passed
The left vestibule had only vaginal introitus which
ended blindly at the lower two thirds of full length,
and instead, is connected with the vagina of opposite
side and urinary bladde r. In other words intervaginal
and vaginovesical fistula were presen t. Beside these
complex anomalies, there were Meckel s diverticulum
at IDcm proximal to ileocecal junction patent ductus
arteri osus and atrial septal defect of ostium II type
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