최근 3년간 성인간호학회지 게재 논문의 내용과 경향 분석 (2004-2006년)
The trends of Nursing Research in the Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing

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이영휘; 김옥수; 조명옥
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성인간호학회 = Korean Academy of Adult Nursing
J Korean Acad Adult Nurs, 20(1), 176-186
논문분석연구방법간호연구AnalysisMethodologyNursing research
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to analyze the published articles in the Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing from 2004 through 2006.

Methods: Two hundreds and ten articles were analyzed focusing on research methodology and key words using descriptive statistics.

Results: The proportion of quantitative research was 88.1%, while the proportion of qualitative research was 5.2%. The majority of the qualitative research design was survey(67.1%). Seventy-four percent of the research had verbal consent and 8% had written consent from the participants. Eight percent of the research provided conceptual framework. The prevailing data collection settings were hospitals(50.5%) and community(37.1%). For the data analysis, 95% used parametric analysis methods; descriptive statistics(26.2%), chi-square test(18.3%), t-test(18%) and ANOVA(17.4%). Key words were categorized into four nursing domain: human, health, nursing, and environment. The most frequently used domain was health.

Conclusion: The number of the published articles in the Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing has been increased and quality has been improved compared with the articles published before the 2000 year. Varied research methodology and data analysis methods were utilized.
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