Intellectual Bases and Practical Policy of the Iranian 9th Government in International Relations

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Simbar, Reza; Sheikhneshin, Arsalan Ghorbani

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Institute of International Affairs, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University
Journal of International and Area Studies, Vol.17 No.1, pp. 17-30
Foreign policy of every country has its own special features. Foreign policy in the Islamic Republic of Iran has been shaped in accordance with its revolutionary freedom-seeking ideals mentioned in its constitution; views of the Supreme Leader and based on own its principles of realization of dignity, wisdom and expedience. The 9th Iranian government led by President Ahmadinejad as its first run of presidency (2005-2009) believes that by adopting its special approaches have taken long strides toward realization of Irans true status in the international arena. The most significant feature of this government has been fundamentalism which means here, a return to the ideals and principles of the Islamic revolution in international level that have special features. This article examines foreign policy features of the Iranian 9th government and its perspectives on international structures and also offers an evaluation of it from different aspects. It discusses how the current 10th government which is leading by President Ahmadinejad continues the same way in its foreign policy.
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Graduate School of International Studies (국제대학원)Dept. of International Studies (국제학과)Journal of International and Area Studies (JIAS)Journal of International and Area Studies vol.17 (2010)
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